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Prague Castle

Premyslid Prince Borivoj founded the Castle in the 9th century; it became a seat of Bohemian rulers. Today the Prague Castle is a complex of a cathedral, a royal palace, churches, a monastery and galleries. Since the foundation of The Czechoslovakia in 1918 the Castle has been a seat of the president of the Republic.


St. Vitus Church

Work began on this in 1344 on the order of Charles IV. The first architect was the French Matthew of Arras. After his death, Schwabian Peter Parler took over.

His masons lodge continued to work on the building until the Hussite Wars. Finally completed by architects and artists jewels and the tomb of the 19th and 20th centuries


The Old Royal Palace
From the time Prague Castle was first fortified in the 11. century, the palace was the seat of Bohemian princes.
Vladislav Hall
From the 16th century the VladislavHall served parti- cularly royal state purposes. It was the scene of coronation festivities and banquets, knights' tournaments and markets with artistic and luxurious goods. The Vladislav Hall still partly fulfills a state function: the elections of the president of the Czech Republic and solemn gatherings connected with important days in the life of this country take


St Georges Basilica

Founded by Prince Vratislav (915-21), the basilica predates St Vitus?s Cathedral and is the best-preserved Romanesque church in Prague. It was enlarged in 973 when the adjoining St George s Convent was established here, and rebuilt following a fire in 1142. The massive twin towers and austere interior have been scrupulously restored to give a good idea of the church s original appearance. However, the rusty red facade was a 17th century Baroque addition

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